Nick Bailey, Manning Elliott Partnership

Further to the successful completion of works onsite at the above project, I write to thank you John, John Broatch and your key staff and sub-contractors for your diligence, courtesy and professionalism in your approach to undertaking what was both a difficult and challenging project in Glenridding.

Not only did we (as Architects/Project Managers) and our client(s) set you a most challenging and arduous task to organise and complete, but we also set a working programme that was restrictive and very difficult to meet and to maintain, in a working environment that was also very sensitive to the client(s). We and our client(s) believe that you accepted and met these demanding challenges both willingly and comprehensively.

We have been very happy that by working collaboratively together as we did, we overcame all of the various obstacles that we encountered (both planned and unplanned obstacles, as is often the case with old structures and buildings), and returned upon completion a property to the client that is adaptable, infinitely more manageable, demonstrably more valuable and a much better protected asset than the overwhelmed, flooded and destroyed building that you first encountered when you attended site-with us in the Spring of last year.

I have stated verbally to others, and hereby confirm to you that I believe Lambert Gill Limited to be one of the very best renovation and refurbishment contractors that we have worked with in our region, and that we at Manning Elliott Partnership are pleased to have been associated with you on this project, and hopefully will work again with you again, on other projects in the future.

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